2.2 Institutional Terms of Service

Ikræfttrædelse 01-10-2023

2.2.1 Introduction

Welcome to the Institutional Terms of Service for StudentPulse. This document outlines the specific responsibilities, rules, and guidelines for educational institutions ("the Institution") using our platform. By using StudentPulse, you agree to these terms in addition to our general Terms and Conditions for Customer Relations.

2.2.2 User Access Management

  • Responsibility for User Access: The Institution is responsible for ensuring that only authorized users have access to the platform and that user roles are assigned appropriately.

2.2.3 Check-In Distribution

  • Check-In Sharing: The Institution is responsible for the distribution of check-ins to students and ensuring that they are shared in a timely manner.

2.2.4 Framework Agreement

  • Pre-Semester Planning: The Institution must collaborate with StudentPulse to agree on the framework for the upcoming semester. This includes determining the questions to ask students, the timing of check-ins, and the self-help and 1:1 services to be offered. Sufficient notice must be given to StudentPulse for any technical adjustments.

2.2.5 Support Timeliness

  • Timely Support: The Institution is responsible for ensuring that students who request support receive it in a timely manner.

2.2.6 Data Input Guidelines

  • Student Instructions: The Institution must instruct students not to include any personally identifiable information or names when providing feedback on the StudentPulse platform.

2.2.7 Quarterly Reviews

  • Collaboration for Improvement: As experts in student well-being, we expect to conduct quarterly reviews with the Institution to analyze data and make recommendations for improving the student experience.

By adhering to these terms, you help us maintain a secure, effective, and compliant platform that benefits both educational institutions and students.

Legal Responsible

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