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Ikræfttrædelse 01-10-2023


Greetings, students! 👋 Welcome to the section of StudentPulse where we discuss the "legal stuff." Rest assured, we won't overwhelm you with complicated jargon. We're here to provide clear and transparent information.

So, what's the scoop? First and foremost, we gather some anonymous data from you for three main purposes:

  1. To Support Your Success: Your feedback helps us provide personalized suggestions and actions to help you thrive and succeed in school. 🌱
  2. Enhancing Campus Life: Your anonymous feedback assists your school in improving campus life for everyone. 🏫
  3. For the Greater Good: We also utilize this anonymous data for research, AI training, and to enhance StudentPulse as a valuable tool for students like you. 🤖

Rest assured, your data remains super anonymous – we won't even know it's yours.

Now, about additional support: Occasionally, we may suggest that you could benefit from extra help, such as counseling or mentorship. If you're interested, you'll provide your information. Importantly, this information goes directly to the appropriate individuals at your school and nowhere else. StudentPulse won't retain it. Plus, it won't be linked to any of your past or future anonymous feedback. Your school will only know you've reached out. 🗨️

To get all the details, simply scroll, click, or tap your way through.

Legal Responsible

Kevin Rebsdorf

+45 22282321

[email protected]